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About Us



How does every good story start? It starts with an unexpected friendship. We both worked in the service industry, working at different restaurants over the years, moved a couple states, and eventually both ended up at the same restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. Talking about dreams and life we ended up being the friends we both needed in our lives. 

A lot of times we always dreamed of one day working side by side and owning our own company, with years of experience of serving people and creating the best experiences and memories was something we could do in our sleep, we loved it. We were just ready for the next step in our careers and decided to take the risk and jump!

That's how Bourbon & Bouquet Event Co. was created. After attending, serving, and even planning other weddings and events over the years we just knew that it was our passion to continue and focus in on those special moments. As a team we work off each others strengths and bring something different to the table to create something beautiful and truly unforgettable. We are always open minded and believe almost anything is possible. We are so excited to be working with such amazing people and cannot wait to see what we can create together! 

The Team


Meet Brooke,

I'm Brooke! I started my life on the east coast but came to Kentucky because of family when I was younger. I don't have any intentions of leaving the bluegrass permanently at the moment, but I'll gladly go anywhere and everywhere life takes me for family, love, or work. I'm eager to meet all the wonderful people in the community, and I'm even more excited to be going on this event planning journey with my best friend, Katelyn. 


Name, Title


Meet Katelyn,

Hey, I'm Katelyn! Originally from NH but found my way down south and somehow never left. I just became a new mom to my sweet Georgia and have always been a dog mom! I love a good thunderstorm  and a gooood cup of coffee in the morning! I can't wait to meet all the people that make KY great! 

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